Mountaineering Training-Mountain Guide Zermatt

Mountaineering Training-Mountain Guide Zermatt

The Mountaineering Training with a Mountain Guide Zermatt is for all who want to do mountaineering safely

You have done your ice or rock training and finally you would like to climb big mountains but you also know one training is not enough to climb by yourself. For those ones or the ones who think they haven’t got enough experience to climb a fourthousander by themselves, I created a special training. Mountaineering is not about going to trainings, mountaineering is to do climbs, to achieve experience. Achieving experience is a long continuing process. My goal is to share my experience with you while you climb several three- and fourthousander. You will learn:

Mountaineering Training-Mountain Guide Zermatt

• Planning of climbs

• Orientation with map and compass

• Leading of climbs

• Improving rope techniques

• Behaivour on glaciers

• Crevasse rescuing

• Crampons techniques

• Basic mountaineering skills

Sun: Arrival, ascent to the Gandegg hut.
Mon: Training day, Gandegghut.
Tue: Breithorn 4164 metres, 13’658 ft., Zermatt.
Wed: Allalinhorn 4027 metres, 13’209 ft., Hohsaas
Thurs: Training day, Hohsaas.
Fri: Weissmies 4017 metres, 13’175ft..

14. – 19 / 21. – 26. June 2020.

Stamina for 5 hours ascent plus descent, good health.

Mountain guide, ropes, orientation gear, karabiners, accommodation with half board (in Zermatt only accommodation), without drinks.

CHF 1’730.00.

4 weeks before training.

The minimum number of climbers is 4, maximum 6. Prices and programme are subject to change.

What is Mountaineering? More Information.