Monte Rosa Demanding-Mountain Guide Zermatt

Monte Rosa Demanding-Mountain Guide Zermatt

Monte Rosa Demanding with a Mountain Guide Zermatt is for all who like to face a challenge in high altitude


Touring in the Monte Rosa is always something special especially on demanding climbs. These must be a highlight for every mountaineer. Amongst the highlights are certainly climbs with degree III and these over 4600 metres (15’088 ft), spending the night in the highest hut in Europe or to climb the highest summit in Switzerland with a mountain guide.

Monte Rosa Demanding-Mountain Guide Zermatt

Safe walking and climbing with crampons, great stamina, fit for high altitude, capable to climb degree III.

Day 1: Meeting your Mountain Guide – Breithorn – Pollux – Riffugio Val d’Ayas.
Day 2: Castor – Liskamm traverse – Rif. Gnifetti.
Day 3: Vincent Pyramide – Balmenhorn – Corno Nero – Ludwigshoehe – Parrotspitze – Signalkuppe.
Day 4: Zumsteinspitze – Dufourspitze – Monte Rosa Hut – Rotenboden – Zermatt.

Mountain guide fee for 4 days, accommodation in dormitory, breakfast, dinner, without drinks.

Maximum 1.

CHF 4’610.00.

Prices and programme are subject to change.

You need the following equipment for Monte Rosa Demanding:

Compulsory Equipment
Rucksack 30 litre – Mountaineering boots* – Climbing seat harness* – 1 Locking carabineer* – 1 Normal carabineer* – Crampons with front points, steel, adjusted* – Ice axe* – 1 sling 120 cm, strengths > 1000 kp / 10 kN* – Head torch, with spare battery (not for LED)* – Touring trousers / salopettes – Waterproof / breathable jacket with hood – Fleece jacket or jumper – Gloves – Mitts – Thermal underwear – Shirt – Socks – Warm hat – Sun hat – Sunglasses with side protection – Sun screen factor >25 – Lip balm factor >15 – Flask or water bottle, about 1 Litre, no camel bag – Picnic for every touring day – Personal medication – Euros and Swiss francs – Id or passport.

Nice to have
Helmet* – Alpine club member card – Telescope pol* – Compeed, second skin, sport tape – Foam ear plugs – sleeping pills (not strong ones) – Spare socks – Spare shirt – Spare underwear – Pocket knife – Camera (small and light) – Tooth brush and paste – Toilet paper – Insurance card – Credit card – Sleeping bag liner (cotton or silk) – Reduction card for tickets.

Items with a * can be rented.

Please note
Everything you bring with you, you have to curry it by yourself. Try to be as light as possible.

What is Monte Rosa? More Information. Monte Rosa Demanding-Mountain Guide Zermatt