Challenge-Hiking Guide Zermatt

Challenge-Hiking Guide Zermatt

Challenge-Hiking Guide Zermatt

Tour 1: Zermatt – Tuftern – Rothorn – Findeln – Zermatt:

From Zermatt the way leads through meadows and forests to Tufternalp where the tree line is and the landscape gets scanty and rocky. First of all not steep than steep up to the Ritzen ridge. Following the Ritzen ridge to the Rothorn 3100 meters, 10186 ft. From there down the SW slope of the Rothorn to Blauherd. Passing Blauherd to the left down to Leisee and from there to Findeln and further to Zermatt. This hike contains almost everything: Fourthousanders, romantic lakes, meadows, forests, scanty rock landscape and picturesque hamlet, marmots and cozy huts.
Walk time ca. 7 1/2 hours, ascent 1480 metres, 5854 ft, descent 1480 metres, 5854 ft, distance 13.5 km, 8.4 miles, fee CHF 650.00.

Tour 2: Zermatt – Trift – Hohbalm – Kalbermatten- Zmutt – Zermatt:

From Zermatt steep uphill to the restaurant Edelweiss above Zermatt. The restaurant Edelweiss sits exposed on a rock face with a fantastic view over Zermatt. The way continues first of all flat, later on steep and while gaining more height the vegetation gets poorer and poorer. Up on Trift 2337 meters, 7665 ft the climb continues on a zigzag path up to Hohbalm on the high path. The high path is flat with a breathtaking view. Everything can be seen: Monte Rosa, Breithorn, Matterhorn, Mischabel chain, Weisshorn chain, in all over 25 fourthousanders. The high path leads to the descent to Staffelalp. After passing a reservoir the way ends in Furi. From Furi over meadows down to Blatten, a small hamlet with old stables. In a few minutes from Blatten back to Zermatt. This hike is extremely impressive especially the view from the high path.
Walk time ca. 7 hours, ascent 1150 metres, 3772 ft, descent 1150 metres, 3772 ft, distance 16.5 km, 10.3 miles, fee CHF 650.00.

Tour 3: Zermatt – Schweifinen – Trift – Mettelhorn – Trift – Zermatt:

From Zermatt on a zigzag path steep and exposed uphill, passing Balmen to Trift 2337 meter, 7665 ft. The way continues on the direction Rothornhuette / Blattenhorn. By the Blattenhorn the way leads over the Hohlichtgletscher, which is not difficult to pass and to the very easy rocks of the summit of the Metterlhorn 3406 meter, 11172 ft. At the beginning the descent follows on the same way to Trift. From there the descent continues to the restaurant Edelweiss. The restaurant Edelweiss sits exposed on a rock face with a fantastic view over Zermatt. From there steep down to Zermatt. The paths on this hike are very steep and exhausting. The exposure is not for everyone and is sometimes a real challenge and the traverse of the glacier will be for many people an interesting premiere.
Walk time ca. 8 1/2 hours, ascent 1790 metres, 5871 ft, descent 1790 metres, 5871 ft, distance 15 km, 9.3 miles, fee CHF 700.00.

The fee is for the mountain guide or hiking guide, doesn’t include any further services and is good for 1 or 2 people, for every additional person a fee of CHF 40.00 per person will be charged.

Prices and programme are subject to change.

Challenge-Hiking Guide Zermatt Challenge-Hiking Guide Zermatt

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